Fibers for Stucco


Material: 100% Polyester | Denier: 7 | Length: ½”
Tensile Strength: 3.25 gpd

AFS polyester fibers are packaged in ¾ lb plastic bags for easy addition to the stucco mixture. The ¾ lb bag is the designed mix ratio for use with two sacks of stucco cement. There are 25 bags/box and 50 boxes/pallet for a total of 1,250 bags/pallet and 937.5 pounds/pallet.

• Safe and easy to use
• Three dimensional shrinkage and crack control
• Increased performance against shattering and abrasion
• Reduces rebound on shotcrete application
• Controls sagging
• Corrosion and chemical resistant
• Monofilament cut for instant dispersion
• No clogging guns or pumps


AFS Stucco Spec Data Sheet